“We bought a house that was a 5 minute drive to my office and a 5 minute drive to the hospital, and it was probably about half the price of what we would pay for a similar house in Halifax.” — Dr. Blair Williams

Getting to and from Cape Breton

Cape Breton is located at the eastern-most tip of Nova Scotia, jutting out into the great Atlantic Ocean. Although the island's geography offers the feeling that you're "away from it all", Cape Breton is quite accessible, owing to the J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport in Sydney offering flights to destination cities multiple times daily as well as being a 4 hour drive to Halifax and New Brunswick and a ferry ride to Newfoundland. Visit cbisland.com to learn about getting to and from Cape Breton.


Immigrating to Cape Breton

A welcoming and hospitable people, Cape Bretoners come from many different backgrounds. From the proud Mi'kmaq nation, the first people of this land, to early immigrants from Scotland and France, to a more recent industrial wave of settlers from the Carribean, Italy, Ukraine and beyond, Cape Breton comprises of islanders from all over the world.

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